Art & Poetry copyright © 2011-2014 Atlanta Marie Carrera.

Blue Bubbles

"Blue Bubbles" by Atlanta Marie Carrera


All anxiously waiting to be released into the world....Fill them first with light and goodness.

Living Water

"Living Water" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Living Water

transforming my heart

nourishing my spirit
revealing God’s glory
releasing my soul
joining eternal life

Green Wind

"Green Wind" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Green Wind

Life flows like the green wind,
twisting, swirling at every turn.
Life grows through every bend,
shining light on lessons we learn.

New Day

"New Day" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
New Day

Fill your heart with the new day.
Hopes that rise with the sun’s rays.

Dreams as wide as light.
Strength and peace shine bright.

Spread joy and pray.
Be the new day! 

Butterfly Ripples

Butterfly Ripples 

Your life force ripples
One thousand butterfly wings
"Butterfly Ripples" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Spreading through the world

Phoenix Rising

Time Heals

Time heals with God’s help
if we will only listen.
Find the strength within.



My mind is filled with sounds of your singing.
Your laughter echoes and makes me smile,
Infinitely replaying throughout time and space.

Elements of Life

Life's Emotions

Music fills your Soul
with Tears, Hope, Light, Heart and Faith.
Life’s emotions, shared.

Restless Wonderings


What does it all mean?
You feel Him, yet you wonder.
Life’s mysteries abound.

Restless Wonderings 

When day is done
and all the time for doing things is gone
and all the thoughts have changed to memories now.
Another day spent dreaming;
Another night spent longing.

Let the wishing things begin.
I cannot sleep for thinking.
I cannot dream with things left undone.
A hunger that food cannot fill;
A thirst not quenched for lack substance.

How can I rest with restless wonderings?
What was asked of me, and what did I give back?
Who did I help, and who is hurting still?
What then, should I have said?
Darkness is a world to separate action from intent.

Illuminating light from darkness drawn;
input halted, yielding to the stillness of the night.
And in that consciousness all else does fade
as thoughts arise from air 
replacing reality with fantasy.

What is already awake cannot be awoken.
When day is done - future begins anew;
It starts when day’s ending is nigh.
When night is done,
then sleepless day begins.

Kaleidoscope Bubbles

The Kaleidoscope

The future is like a Kaleidoscope,
  an ever changing puzzle
  pieced together to form endless possibilities.

Once set in motion, it unfolds before you,
  cascading forward with twists & turns
  in an unpredictable life of its own.

A constantly blooming flower
   bursting forth with beauty
   for those who choose to see it.

A precariously perched rainbow of color
  reflecting back
   what you put into it.

Your future is what you make of it,
   moving in new directions
  with a limitless imagination.



Yesterday, I was rain.  Impossible to hold
Yesterday, I was a child.  Lost and dependent
Yesterday, I was dust.  Dry and crumbling
Yesterday, I was air.  Invisible even to myself
Yesterday, I was a cave.  Dark and uncertain
Yesterday, I was a feather.  Drifting aimlessly

Today, I am clay.  Waiting, just waiting
Today, I am a balloon.  Floating and free
Today, I feel the sun.  Blinding, yet warm
Today, I feel the ocean.  Pushing and pulling
Today, I face a mountain.  Large and unmoving
Today, I am a seed.  Ready to grow

Tomorrow I will be something else, 
but never who I was.

The Horizon

The Horizon

If I could only see
just over the Horizon.
Vision as clouded as my thoughts,
straining through darkness.

Walking endlessly toward it
while it moves further away.
Never letting me close.
Living in silent desperation.

Wanting to see what others can,
but I cannot.
Longing to be anywhere, but here.
Trapped by perspective.

As deceiving as time.
Holding promise and hope
just out of reach
like it doesn’t belong to me.

How intriguing to be invisible.
How alluring to hide.
Waiting aimlessly
How ignored, How alone

Running away from it
only brings you closer.
Do nothing, and it won’t come to you.
Utterly Lost.

You are my compass
showing me how to face it
with a north that is True.
Challenging me to just keep walking.

With direction comes purpose.
With purpose comes courage.
With courage comes strength.
Inspiration emerges.

The sun breaks
Just over the Horizon
Dawn is here.
A new day, my day, has finally begun.