Art & Poetry copyright © 2011-2014 Atlanta Marie Carrera.

The Horizon

The Horizon

If I could only see
just over the Horizon.
Vision as clouded as my thoughts,
straining through darkness.

Walking endlessly toward it
while it moves further away.
Never letting me close.
Living in silent desperation.

Wanting to see what others can,
but I cannot.
Longing to be anywhere, but here.
Trapped by perspective.

As deceiving as time.
Holding promise and hope
just out of reach
like it doesn’t belong to me.

How intriguing to be invisible.
How alluring to hide.
Waiting aimlessly
How ignored, How alone

Running away from it
only brings you closer.
Do nothing, and it won’t come to you.
Utterly Lost.

You are my compass
showing me how to face it
with a north that is True.
Challenging me to just keep walking.

With direction comes purpose.
With purpose comes courage.
With courage comes strength.
Inspiration emerges.

The sun breaks
Just over the Horizon
Dawn is here.
A new day, my day, has finally begun.