Art & Poetry copyright © 2011-2014 Atlanta Marie Carrera.

Restless Wonderings


What does it all mean?
You feel Him, yet you wonder.
Life’s mysteries abound.

Restless Wonderings 

When day is done
and all the time for doing things is gone
and all the thoughts have changed to memories now.
Another day spent dreaming;
Another night spent longing.

Let the wishing things begin.
I cannot sleep for thinking.
I cannot dream with things left undone.
A hunger that food cannot fill;
A thirst not quenched for lack substance.

How can I rest with restless wonderings?
What was asked of me, and what did I give back?
Who did I help, and who is hurting still?
What then, should I have said?
Darkness is a world to separate action from intent.

Illuminating light from darkness drawn;
input halted, yielding to the stillness of the night.
And in that consciousness all else does fade
as thoughts arise from air 
replacing reality with fantasy.

What is already awake cannot be awoken.
When day is done - future begins anew;
It starts when day’s ending is nigh.
When night is done,
then sleepless day begins.